Photo credits : Harris George Stephen

Before I begin with this blog I want you guy’s to know that I have literally waited 4 months to write about this trip, as it was  close to all our hearts  . Hence I decided to break this trip down into 3 Phases because so much happened over the 6 days we ventured into the wild.

So it will be a series and will go something like this

Phase 1: How it all began?
Phase 2: The research and  convincing the parents
Phase 3: The trip

Yes done with the formalities now!
Before I move forward ladies and gentlemen it would be an honour to introduce y’all to my friends turned family.

REFERENCE: My crew lives and studies in Delhi, while I am doing my college in Mumbai, So I keep flying down to meet my parents.

First off is Ms K.

Ms K caught in action

We have known each other since 8th, but we started off on the wrong foot. So officially our love blossomed in 9th grade when we were put in the same class with all our colony boys.    (hence we had no other choice than to bond.)
However the friendship only began when I fell ill in school ,Ms K came to the rescue, called my mother and took me to the M.I.ROOM.
Ms K never fails to remind me , that I was walked past the door & turned rather dramatically and told her that ‘she wasn’t that bad after all’😂.and that she blushed .We have kept in touch through the good and the bad. We are proud to say that we had a one week-long sleepover which was the best. She is honestly my other half. She know’s me the best. We are the ying and the yang. We are so in love with each other its crazy( sometimes I wonder if Im actually straight) Hahaha

Next off is Homer tomar


I am literally in love with this boy. He is the sweetest human alive.
Mr Homer Tomar and I became friends in the 11th grade camp.
We just hit it off pretty well, again the turning point came when my pet turtle died and he wrote a poem for him.
Homer tomar is one of the nicest most amazing &  most kind-hearted human being I will ever know. His existence inspires me. He is one wise lil fellow( He’s  prettaay tall actually, 6’1 maybe). Homar tomar makes everyone feel very special, and I am always left speechless. He is happiness for me,

Next stop is Harris


This is one funny start to a friendship. Harris is actually Homer Tomar’s college friend. They met in some play. ( Trying not to sound romantic) and they hit it off pretty well and became best friends. Now Homar and I used to speak on the phone quite often and he is used to go on about Mr Harris, and how awesome he is and his photography was a work of art. Harris and I officially started texting on new years 2k16 and we messaged day in and day out. Till finally one day we three decided to Skype and bang,there  blossomed another beautiful friendship.Who knew that 3 months down the line we would take a trip together.

NOTE: One thing you need to know about both my boys are they say the best things in moment. They say things that are so deep and so profound, you just fall in love with them more and more every passing minute.

My boys admiring the scenery

That’s  it about my crew.


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