DHARAMSHALA Phase 1 : How it all started ?

A phone call with Mr Tomar

It all began in February, when Mr Tomar had gone to Dharamshala with his college senior for 3 days.

Honestly, the way he described the entire trip with such gusto , I had it at the back of my mind that I needed  an adventure like this and escape the hustle bustle of the city life. I wanted to take the trip , with no other than, him.  The trekking scenes, finding accommodation at the last minute,gotten lost in a bear forest . He was passionate and sounded so alive that i felt so happy for him. That’s pretty much  how the seed got planted and I knew that was the new goal I wanted to achieve in the summer of 2k16

I instantaneously messaged Ms K if she wanted to take a trip to the hills and she was in without a blink of an eye. We researched better than the FBI and screenshot ed google images and important details to each other. I have actually have 2 more friends that couldn’t make it for the trip because they honestly had better plans, one was due to go to Vietnam and the other had just recently come back from Manali and her parents wanted her all to themselves in mumbai.

Nevertheless the plan started off as Mr Tomar and I and ms K was added shortly and one day before we were due to leave Mr harris joined us in short notice.



Firstly we left the bookings too late .The hotel we had initially called and organised the extra mattress was booked. (It was honestly too good to be true, it was centrally located, and was closest to Gallu devi temple which was a 5 minute walk). So K and I were panicking because every single hotel in mcleodganj was booked and we knew that if the accommodation isn’t going to sorted the trip would come to standstill. I opened Facebook  and I’m glad I did,cause this is the first thing I see.


Hotel Akashdeep came to the rescue it was just 200 meters from Mcleodganj. So once that was sorted we were really happy.
Our bus tickets were booked last minutes on 26th afternoon day before the trip.

Phew !

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