DHARAMSHALA Phase 2 : Convincing the parents

I went to K’s house over the weekend for a sleepover on the pretext that ‘we needed to catch up’ ( we didn’t)  we needed to plan the trip.

We spent 6 hours researching hotel accommodations, transport facilities, treks to do.We had taken screenshots of bus timings and routes to our hotel and our accommodations to the extent that we even called our future hotel to ask the prices of adding an extra mattress. We even made a whole Word document( very proud of it) of the details of the trip.

Here is the proof


And then I went back home on a Monday and decided to ask my mother( high time actually).So I went to her room while she watched TV. I decided to make the bold move in the break. I did.The conversation went down something like this.

Me: Hi ma, just wanted to ask you something.

Mom: Do you want something again?

Me: No mom, I don’t! I just came to ask you, you remember I spoke about wanting to go to Dharamshala with homer Tomar and K? So the sleepover we had this weekend, K and I planned the whole thing out and ta-da ( hands mom the printout of our work). So can we go?

Mom :(Disregards paper) says NO.

Me: you haven’t even looked at it? Why? I have spent 6 hrs researching can you please look at it and then say No!

Mom: ( continues doing work, acts like nothing happened, folds the clothes)
Haven’t you gone on enough holidays now? I have taken you to Lucknow for 4 days, then you have gone to Gangtok, Darjeeling and Sikkim for a week, how much can you travel? Plus you don’t have any money.(Evil grin)

Me: ( cries on the floor)

Mom: ( goes out of the room)

Me: ( plays dramatically with my dog, talks to her)

Mom: ( enters room, starts talking normally, completely ignoring the fact that I am still sitting on the floor shamelessly, and weeping like a child ) finally she asks me so how many days are you going for?

Me:( excitedly jumps up from the ground and sits on the bed next to her) It’s for a week mom, 6 days to be precise.2 days to travel back and forth. So we will be staying in Dharamshala for 4 days. We have already called the hotel and arranged for an extra mattress!

Mom: Okay talk to dad when he comes back from work. He will decide

Waits till 8:45
*Ting tong*

(Father enters the house, puts suitcase on the sofa, hugs mom, kisses me on the cheek, plays with Maggie( my dog) and goes to freshen up)

*Meanwhile mom yells for everyone to come for dinner while no one ever comes*

I 😦 shyly sits down first) mom sits beside me, while my brother sits in front of me and dads sits at the head of the table

Me: (serves food, brain is in overdrive, I don’t even know how to bring it up)

Dad : ( asks everyone how was their day)

Mom: so Payal wanted to ask you something

Me: ( thanks, ma )yeah so daddy, Eee I wanted to ask you could I go to Dharamshala for 4 days with homer Tomar and K?

Dad: ( looooong pause, what felt like hours, but was actually 2 minutes) Yes, you may go.

Me: ( screams in my head, tries to act cool and hides smile but inverted I was dying ) But dad, you haven’t even looked at the paper? I have spent 6 hrs researching and you haven’t even asked me a question?
Anyway, I am staying at blah and blah and gonna leave this Friday by bus.

Dad: Payal, I trust you, I love you, my child. i want you to have fun

Me: dad I love you so much thank you




Taken in K’s house on 27th May

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