27  May

 Finally, we entered the bus and the minute we sat down and the bus took off.K and I were pissed off at the boys as they came so late.So we looked out of  the window and listened to some K-pop( Korean pop, quite good actually, my favourite is  Mansae )
After an hour, once my anger cooled down I turned to the boys and spoke to them. They apologized and said they were stuck in traffic. Then after some hours, we exchanged places and I sat with homer Tomar while K sat with sleepy Harris.
We ate, we laughed, and fell asleep.
It was a long bumpy overnight journey. There were 2 stops on the way , the first stop was at a luxury hotel ( which certainly raised the bar) and the second stop at 5 am at some two room bathroom at the outskirts of Dharamshala. (while we had to go to mcleodganj)

28 MAY

We finally reached Mcleodganj at 8 in the morning. Homer Tomar called a cab and we head to Bhagsunath 200 meter away from Mcleodganj.

View from our cab
We checked Into our hotel at 8:45 and had some terribly expensive breakfast.

After that, we decided to trek to gallu Devi temple which is 45 minutes walk which we completed in 2 hrs ( Yes laugh) but we did too, but we honestly died and even started to doubt ourselves if we could actually do tomorrow’s trek which was for 7 hrs? Could we? Let’s find out. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures I took from Gallu Devi

The Gallu Devi Trek started from here
Also at night, we ordered the best butter chicken on the planet.( we ordered the same dish for the next 4 days)
(SOUNDTRACK: Starry Starry Nights Vincent van Gogh)
Before sleeping all of us huddled up next to each other , with the blankets over our head and looked outside the huge ass french window and stared into the jet black sky and admired the twinkling stars. It was beautiful, we were clapping like idiots whenever we heard or saw the lighting. It was pretty amazing though. Homer Tomar has an amazing soundtrack.


The guys woke up early around 6 to start the trek
 Note :Yesterday’s trek killed K and I. So we decided to take a cab to gallu and join the boys there.
So K and I woke up around 7 and took a cab. The cab driver was the funniest, he played the konkiest of old Hindi songs and played less attention on the road. The road was so bumpy, that it was a roller coaster itself. After what seemed like hours but was merely 30 minutes our cab got stuck in a ditch, K and I were confident with the way, hopped off the cab & told him that we will walk from here, he told us, ma’am, it will take 2 minutes, I will take you, I was like no-no thank you so much, another guy helped our taxi driver and pushed the cab out of the ditch and drove to us. ( thank god he did, cause we were overconfident idiots, and it took us a good 15 minutes by cab to reach, in our time a good 30-45 minute walk for us, haha)
We reached the sacred gallu Devi temple
Met up with the boys had Maggie for breakfast and started the trek
Taken from Google images
TRIUND ( click to read more) DETAILS OF TRIUND

30TH MAY : Paralyzed with pain

Woke up around 9 am to everyone talking about something. Harris was standing in front of the window, his camera on the tripod trying to take a time lapse. While we just sat and talked about how amazing the trek was and how we enjoyed. This was one of the most fun mornings. We had a hot foreigner who worked out in her balcony which was coincidentally diagonal of our huge ass french window.We admired that she woke up at 9 am ( super early) to exercise. So K was the bravest and went to the balcony and yelled out that we were taking a time lapse and she decided to move.
Then we decided to the visit the Dalai Lama monastery. Homer Tomar And I have visited Dharamshala before, But I still wanted to see the place once again, while  Homer Tomar decided to explore the town. We had some pretty amazing lunch and went back to the hotel.

31st MAY : LAST DAY 

We woke up late, packed our stuff, checked out of the hotel before 11, and decided to hunt for a new restaurant. Oh geez, I forgot to tell you that the only restaurant we had gone to for the rest of the journey was to Nicks. Homer, Harris and K decided to trek to Bhagsu waterfall, I decided to take a nap in the restaurant. After that, we went to Nicks cafe ( Sorry couldn’t resist this even on the last day) and did our own thing. That’s the thing about having friends your comfortable with, you can just do your thing without feeling awkward. Nicks cafe had a huge magazine collection in foreign languages, so I decided to take a sneak peek into their life for a while, while Homer and Harris listened to music and sketched. K  sat and read a book. We ordered dessert before lunch(cause why not) and ordered hella a lot of food. Then we went and sat at the bus stop around 5 while 6pm was our ticket back home.

This trip was amazing and writing it made me relive the whole thing once again and I laughed.

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