Hello their little fella – taken by Harris George Stephen

The Cab Ride to Gallu Devi

It all started when K and I decided to take a cab to Gallu Devi and meet the boys over  there (Yes, we learnt from yesterday’s experience.) That was the best decision we had taken on the entire trip.We had the most distracted driver & who was insistent to play music from his phone.On ever bump the phone fell down and he’d look down to pick it up. Initially, I thought okay maybe he learnt his lesson. HE DIDNT! *both hands on head to removes hair*

And the higher we went the bumpier it got to a point where I was literally swaying side to side and that left K and I giggling.Finally, we got used to the bumps, until the van got stuck in a hole.  With utmost confidence, we jumped out.

Driver : “Ma’am it will take 2 minutes, I will take you”

Us :” No no its okay, we know the way it’s just 10 minutes”.  After 5 minutes our little van, which sprung out of the ditch.


The Pathway. Photo was taken by Harris George Stephen

We started our trek & the view was indescribable and surprisingly we got really lucky with flat land. We initially walked altogether, but later turn out that K, Harris and I were a group and for Tomar, it was a solo trek.

Little blessings on the way

The walk was just beautiful and the scenery my god it really left me speechless, and now has made me a story-teller.

We passed 2 important cafes and a huge rock. We took a break under the rock because K hurt her toe. We all were just sitting and admiring the view when K suddenly said that she didn’t want to go on.


Way to Top

We all told her that she could do this, just a little bit more. She looked like was going to burst out crying, so I patted her shoulder and told her I knew she could do this & don’t make this a life regret because you will always wonder if you could have pushed yourself further and you would never know. She looked a little bit better now, but still not convinced. Then a guy on another rock across us yelled out,” YOU CAN DO THIS, DONT GIVE UP, JUST LITTLE MORE AHEAD.” Then another girl joined in and said,” You can do this, take breaks, but you must continue”. Then a third person with a walking stick said “Just twenty minutes more, its beautiful on top”. You could make out now that K was overwhelmed with the encouragement and had tears of happiness. We decided to move forward. After the huge rock, the climb became steeper.

After what seemed like hours of trekking, we spoke about everything and  laughed so much . We finally decided to move further. And we honestly thought where was homer? We were worried now.  But after 45 minutes we reached the famous Magic view cafe and I ran across a dramatically and gave Homer a hug( I never was so happy seeing someone.)

Let your feet take you places, let them remind you of the beauty your eyes can’t see. – from Magic View
Truly magical

After that we took off together. I followed a Punjabi gang playing ‘bhangra’ music. I was so enthu to keep up with them I had lost the others. The difficult part came when we had to climb the stones and it was so high, we took 2 steps and waited a second before we could take the next.As people came down they kept told us, just 2o minutes you can do it.Honestly, after an hour of walking, we finally made it and it was completely worth it.

Hola we made it.

On top, we did our own thing. Homer slept off behind a rock, Harris and I sat on the edge of a rock and god knows where K was. Apart from chilling, the jaw-dropping or more like-smashing-beauty, the food stalls had CHOCOLATE PANCAKES! AND GOD THEY WERE DELICIOUS.

The view from the stone here Harris and I sat

After that, we took a half an hour a nap near the edge of the mountain (Hehe) and we descended. On the way down our only thoughts were ‘bloody hell I can’t believe I did this.’

The only notable thing I noticed on the way down was a couple of foreigners picking up scraps of garbage. And by the end of the journey, they had an overflowing bag of lays wrappers, banana peels.

P.S – How could I have forgotten
Harris got lost. I know right? there was literally one route.  When we met him he told us there was an alternate route & suddenly we all remembered “oh yes that” and told him “why did you take that fool?”

He said ” thought it would be fast, and I was so lost I asked this American couple, who pointed me in the wrong direction that I just then, just followed a pipe. ( phew, took a breath) because that would be my only shot to find ‘civilisation’.

We all laughed a lot.

. Taken by Harris George Stephen


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