The Book Thief

I loved the opening shot of the film.tumblr_n5in7qtbg71riae2mo1_500

What made this film stand out, in my opinion, is the how Markus Zusak’s risked in making Death its narrator.The film is set in Nazi Germany during World War II. Death recounts the story of a nine-year-old orphan girl named, Liesel. Liesel is therefore sent to live with foster parents. She forms a close relationship with her new father, who teaches her the written word.  From then on, Liesel is thrust into the world of literature where she is very keen to read and write. Books have become Liesel’s main pleasure.


Hence she starts stealing books. Since, she is raised in a time of war, where depression, death and books become magic to her. Zusak has revealed that the book was inspired by two real-life events connected to his German parents. One is the bombing of Munich, and the other: a story of a teenage boy who offered his bread to an emancipated Jewish prisoner. Both the boy and the prisoner were whipped by a soldier.


One night, a Jewish man, visits her house. Max is the son of a dear friend who saved Hans’s life during World War I. Hans does not hate Jews and hides Max is in his basement. Eventually, Max and Liesel become friends.


So whenever death approached to take someone to heaven.He would go through everyone’s mind and see their last words. That is the end of the story when Liesel finally passes away.


What I learnt :

One of my favourite scene in the movie was when there was an air raid in Germany.The Germans would go to the large underground basements so the protagonist father brought his pipe pipers bag and started playing it to distract the people from hearing the bombs noises. Apart from that, It taught me so much about life and death. And that death is inevitable. We mustn’t panic when it comes, we should face it no matter what we mustn’t live in fear. If your meant to die you will , not before that. So whenever death approached to take someone to heaven, he would go through everyone’s mind and see their last words. You can’t force things to happen your way it’s against the law of nature hence love while you can and whoever you can.Because in the end, we shouldn’t die with regrets.


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