“Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences, but rather, it is a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.” – An extract from this brilliant movie.

My heart is beating. I know it always does. But this time I can feel it thumping against my chest &I I am actually feeling alive. It is a beautiful thing to feel the heartbeat. I feel this undying potential and possibility.

This ‘feeling’ came from watching a movie called ‘serendipity’.


It’s about two strangers who bump into each other at the  NY departmental store on Christmas.Both of them had their eyes on a black Kashmiri glove. But then both of them caught at the same time so both resisted in buying it. But eventually, Sara bought the glove and gave one to Johnathan. Johnathan obviously feeling bad that Sara bought him the glove, he decided to buy her an ice-cream. So they end up at Sara’s favourite restaurant called ‘ Serendipity’.


They both enjoy each other’s company and then Sara leaves without giving him her number. Said that if it is meant to be they will meet again.


Then both of them realize that they had forgotten SOMETHING at the restaurant and went back and found each other. So they took it as a fortunate accident and went for ice skating. Then Johnathan asked for her number, and she finally agrees and writes it down on 20$ dollar note but then it blows in the wind and she takes it as a sign as it’s not meant to be.


Ice skating
So she decided to write her name and her number in the book named ” Love in the time of Cholera ” and said she would put it in any bookstore in New York and if he’s meant to her he would find it.


Also, Johnathan writes his no of a 5$ dollar note and hands it to her.She said if she’s meant to find it would come back to her.


This is basically how it goes and it’s absolutely beautiful how the film is carried out. So they go to this hotel lift and she suggests both of them go in different lifts if it’s meant to be they will find each other. She reaches and he doesn’t cause an annoying kid presses all buttons and it stops on all floors. She leaves the building and takes a cab to wherever she comes from and he does too. Then a few years later he is engaged and he decided to have his wedding in that same hotel. ( Now I feel like I am telling you the full story But I will go on haha * Evil grin* cause no one there to stop me )

 Rewind to Sara

She works as a therapist when one day she comes backs from work to find her husband wants to marry her. She says yes ( Says this with absolute disappointment)  also he’s this super busy Aussie band lead singer.

You could actually make out that both Johnathan and Sara didn’t lose hope. Each time either of them would check if its the “money” or”the book” just for that tiny tinge of hope. That small happiness or for that tingly feeling in the stomach , of “oh my god! maybes it’s actually meant to be’ kind of thing.


So Sara decided to take a break from her job and husband in search of Johnathan and flies back to New York with her best friend. Her best friend FYI is  Johnathan future wife’s college friend (What are the odds, oh wait, its a movie Haha ) and they are invited to the wedding.

Back to Johnathan 

He actually finds the bag in which the black glove was with the bill.


The bill has her account no. So he goes back to the same store and finds out it’s declined and he’s running around to find the new account no. He goes back to the wedding rehearsal and there his fiance gives him a gift. Yes, that’s right she gives him the book has been trying to find all this time.


It becomes his life mission to find her and it goes to the extent of him visiting her ex her Roommate and that guy leads him on and ultimately lands up in front of a bridal shop. He loses hope and that’s that as a sign while the best friend tries to encourages him that he shouldn’t. So they hop on a flight to wherever she lives and goes to her house and assumes she’s having sex with this dude. He’s leaves disappointed. Phew. His best friend gives him the best pep talk on the planet.


Ah, passion. What is a love affair without fire? What is life without ignited feelings? Not as exciting or lovely, that’s what.

He calls off the wedding.

Fast forward to Sara

( I can feel the intensity while I’m writing this. What a captivating story) anyway

She’s sitting on the flight to go back home and she her realizes her wallet got exchanged with her best friend. The cabin crew asked whether it had any money in it. She checked and gave a 20$ note to her. Now ( Imagine this happening in slow-mo) the cabin flips the note and beam it has Johnathan name on it. * When Sara and her best friend arrived at NY she took her to serendipity and the waitress put back the change and the best friend yeah she’s awesome she unknowingly picks it up and puts it in her wallet.*

 Now back to square one 

Sara gets off the plan and takes the cab to that very hotel Johnathan was supposed to get married and realizes it’s called off.

She feels very happy and takes a walk and goes to the skating ring. She drops off her best friend to a cab and she tells her it’s cold and she should wear a jacket. Then she remembers she left it at the skating rink.

Now for the grand finale 

Johnathan after calling off the wedding went back to the skating rink and found  a jacket and he’s sitting in the middle and it starts snowing just like how  when he met Sara and he closes his eyes and realizes a black glove is thrown at him and he turns around in utter DISBELIEF and she walks slowly and they kiss.


It was really beautiful. Okay to the what I loved about the film is that  Sara and Jonathan held onto faith, and that’s what brought them together because if you don’t, you will settle for less than you and your heart deserves. It made my heart beat and as I already mentioned it made me feel alive. I never want to lose it. So I promised myself that I will always live up to my dreams even though sometimes it feels a little unrealistic. I am going to live my life with courage.


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