10 Shorts Films You Must Watch

If you ever ask me what my hobbies are? You’d hear watching short films.

I always watched way too much youtube, and it was only when I was 18 that a friend introduced me to it, that I pursued it like a mother feeding her newborn. Bad example, but it brings across my point. I felt useful, I enjoyed my time. Take a look at a few, I complied :

  1. One Minute Time Machine                                                    


 WHAT I LOVED: “Here’s the problem with time travel, we always dream too big and think about going back in time to see dinosaurs (they’ll eat you) or gladiators (they’ll kill you) or other important moments in history (they’ll all be racist). Fact: Life sucked back then! You wouldn’t want to go back. It’s way better to go back one minute at a time so you can fix all your mistakes, like a ctrl-Z for life.”

That’s a jist from the short film. Now you see why I loved it.

2. Imagine A World Where Being “Gay” The Norm & Being “Straight” Would Be The Minority!


WHAT I LOVED: .“This film is dedicated to any child who has ever felt such darkness due to others’ hatred and misunderstanding. Always know that love is meant to be within and you should never feel wrong or alone by being who you are … Unique.”  That quote pretty much sums  it up. The film uses, reverse psychology to bring out a fresh perspective. You should definitely know that , this short  won 19 film festival awards.



WHAT I LOVED : “They say people in Toronto just don’t smile at each other. Yet, in a city notorious for being cold to strangers, several lives intersect one night, oblivious to the loneliness that connects them all. “

Just another brilliant work of art.



WHAT I LOVED :  This will forever be my favourite short film. Everything about this film mesmerizes & astonishes me, the cinematography grips me.

5. Post-It


WHAT I LOVE : This one, I’ll save my thoughts.

6. What’s Virgin Mean




WHAT I LOVED : This was a very different film. It makes you think “Are you living life or just surviving?”

8. Seconds


WHAT I LOVED : “One day consists of 86,400 seconds.Each one containing countless options, possibility and decisions out which only one can emerge. This is one of them.” What a starting, I was engrossed within a second. 😛

9. Surprise


WHAT I LOVED : I had to watch it twice to ‘get it.’ It left me ‘surprised’. What a masterpiece.

10. Boy


WHAT I LOVED: Acceptance, talking about things that matter, a peek into what LGBT face everyday before they confront their loved ones. That’s how I sum up this film.


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