The Banana Wala

I never eat breakfast in the morning.WAIT WAIT DONT JUDGE ME YET.


I don’t eat breakfast and I have a valid reason. My college starts only at 11:30 in the morning and my breakfast shuts at 8:30.I have this weird habit that once I’m up I can’t go back to sleep. So hence I don’t get up.


I have made a conscious decision to have something to eat in the morning. So I began to scout for things to eat. When I found this banana wala next to college and I mentally ticked that it is convenient and cheap.Hence I  have decided to stop there every morning before college and buy a  banana.

Pro’s buying banana from my guy was  

A) He gave me the biggest of smiles.


B) His smile made my day would go well.


So then it  just became a habit to buy a banana from him just to see him smile. I’m telling you , once he smiled, my heart used to light up, it honestly made me really really really happy.


200w (1).gif

This merry act of me going on a banana spree ended rather abruptly when one day I came and he wasn’t there. He was replaced by a dwarf. My shoulders literally slouched there and I didn’t buy a banana that day. My friend that day even noticed, she asked me ” Payal, where is your banana” I looked at her rather dramatically, and told her “You noticed?” She was like yeah ” I always see you with that, and today you didn’t have once, is everything alright” I laughed “no actually, it’s not, my banana wala, he hasn’t come and he’s replaced with another another one.” My friend was like ” yeah so? What’s the point?”

Did you just say whats the point ?

Then I thought to myself, oh my god, I’m a  highly dramatic and creepy person, if I tell her I love my banana wala’s smile and I won’t have friends in college because of this . But then I don’t have any friends , anyway, so what’s the harm, let me try her out.” I grinned and said  “Ah yeah, the thing is , when he gives me the banana, he smiles at me and that really makes me day and my day actually goes well.” She  was like “Aww Payal that is so sweet.” Not the reaction I was expecting. Anyhow.

Not the reaction I was expecting



My friends tried to cheer me but I was adamant not to.


Then one day I rushed out of the bus,walked to the banana wala and  bought a banana.That day my hands were full, a phone and my wallet in one hand ,a water bottle accompanied by my newly bought  banana in the other.On top of that I tried to sling my bag around my shoulder when my banana fell down. I stood still, curse silently, and then began . (Now in my head everything was happening in slow-mo) to  bend down and suddenly a hand picks the banana up and my eyes were following the arm that picked up my  banana when our eyes finally met, it’s MY BANANA WALA.(YIPEE) 😀


I was so happy, I even let out a little over enthu “Hello, Thank you so much”and he as usual had a big smile on his face, that made me blush.

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