How was your day ?

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Today I would like to talk about something that has always been on my mind. You know how people ask you ‘how was your day’? And you don’t know that person very well, so you say ‘its fine’ without thinking twice.

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Well this has always bothered me. When people say ‘Hi’, its always followed up with  ‘How are you doing?’ or ‘How was your day?’, and we say ‘its great’ or ‘I have been so busy, we should catch up sometimes.’ Having no real intention to really meet. If someone asks me this, I have been been damn vague about the whole thing. I dont see this as polite conversation, I see this as, ‘we have nothing to talk about, lets talk about the weather and your life.’giphy.gif

Hence to avoid the small talk, I have devised a new way to resolve this issue.I ask people

How was your day twice

First  I give them the opportunity to voice out whatever they ‘feel as important’ to me. Then after they have you will see a  satisfied grin on their face. Now you make your second move.You repeat your question, ‘How was your day’. Yes, this will make  them feel you automatically  zoned out while they were speaking. And this maybe their faces

giphy (3).gifBut then you smile and say ‘No, How was your day?’ Tell them, you want to know the little things that mattered, like ‘What made you smile today?’ or ‘What were you thinking in the bus on the way to college?’/’Did you see a cute little kitty, and caught yourself smiling’?

Ask them these things and observe their faces, they will think really hard. Last night over dinner, My roommate and I were talking ,I was telling her about my banana man and she was like ‘Payal, you are so organic, you are so human, you make me think of things that I musnt have noticed.giphy (7).gif

Sitting there all I could do was smile. I felt happy , my little heart was exploding like this with happiness.giphy-5All because I could make one person introspect and think about what truly mattered in her life. She told me about her college friend talking about how every conversation prepares you for the next one. No matter what people say, you learn from everyone’s and you carry on their small league through their words to the next person” and I honestly found that beautiful. After that I asked her ‘How was college’ and this is the response I get.

The Pizza Mansource (1).gifLike me, she has an admiration for the pizza man in her college. Since she was in Junior College this man has always been serving her pizza’s to a point she doesn’t need to mention her order anymore. One day she went to him and asked if he could add extra cheese, he said “If I do that, the next person will not get enough cheese,” she said ” What man, I am your loyal customer,” He smiled and said okay then “Whats my name?”, obviously not knowing that, she blushed and took the pizza. Determined to find out his name,next day she returned and says “Hello Gulab ji”, she told me, I should have seen his face, he was flushed with emotion. He  gave her the biggest smile she could possibly imagine and said “Kya Gulab ji, you are blossoming like a gulab”.He laughed and blushed even more because he appreciate the pun. giphy (8).gifThe point is guys make people think what really matters, because as my super wise roommate told me when people ask you ‘How was your day’ your first instinct is to scan for all the successful things that matter. But then the second time you ask people will come up with things that will surprise you. Now I wouldn’t be writing this blog if I hadn’t talked her ‘How was her day’giphy (1).gifNow go along



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