4 Brilliant animated short films you have to see

Good things in life come in small doses.


Here are my top 5 animation short films I loved on youtube

1. La rosa Negra ( The Black Rose)


La Rosa Negra or The black rose is a Spanish Short film. Needless to say it had the most romantic soundtrack. Its about two mannequin’s in love. You should definitely check out how the director used such a simple concept and created something beautiful.



I didn’t think it was possible to get emotionally attached to the characters within a span of 2 minutes. This short film proved me otherwise.



Have you heard about the concept of an ‘Armchair experience?’. It’s the same as vicariously living. It’s when you and the person travelling actually have the same experience. This film does exactly that, with a magnificent twist right at the end!

4. Home sweet home


We all love our homes. But have you ever stopped for a moment and thought whether your home loves you? This animated film makes you think beyond. It makes you realise that things too, like us have feelings.

If you liked this list, I have movies for you to check out as well

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