5 Reasons why we can’t relate to climate change

The over glorification of Climate change and the hopelessness it creates. We need to change the way we look at climate change

Abstract Concept


We are used to immediate gratification. We have other issues immediate issues to deal with like not being able to pay rent etc. Climate change is a long term problem which our brains can’t process.

Blame the Scientists

Most people can’t relate to what scientists say. They are all about facts which the public doesn’t understand.

In the above video, Vox explains the importance of having a messenger tell us about climate change. The best example I took back was how this Indian scientist had exactly 2 minutes to explain to the Pope about climate change. He didnt have time to go about throwing jargon words. He explained the crux of the issue. Once the pope mentioned it in his speech, the impact was insane. Check out the video to find out how

Lacks Personality


As human beings, we like to challenge ourselves. While Climate change t affects us globally, not personal. Hence we are uninterested in resolving the immediately.



If climate change affected us the same way we react to gay marriages we would definitely have reached the global temperature of 2 degrees Celcius 10 years back.


As Vox explains when we feel gloomy we become passive. We need to feel like we can make a difference.

Here’s how we can resolve it

Adding Humour


Humour gets the point across no matter what.

  • If you get people laughing and leave them thinking
  • Humour can highlight the gravity of an issue
  • Comedian are the new intellectuals

What are your thoughts ?

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