The girl I met at my Spanish Class

“Do you believe in destiny?”

I have 2 stories that make me believe in destiny.

  1.  Meeting your favourite traveller on streets of Mumbai
  2. Girl, I met at Spanish classes

Girl, I met at Spanish classes 

It all started off me smiling at a girl called Soniya ( I don’t know why that sounds creepy) as she sat down on a chair next to me.

I joined Spanish class and she suggested I listen to ‘Coffee break Spanish’ cause that really helped her learn the language. So I did and when I met her the next time, I told her I loved coffee break Spanish.

Fun fact – I finished like 10 episodes in one shot. And they are like 20 whole minutes long , K guys) 

Me: Now I feel like a ninja in class. (laughs while saying it )

Soniya: “I’m glad it helped.

Me: So are you in college?

Soniya: No actually, I’m working at this telecommunication company.

Me: Oh sweet, which college were you in?”

Soniya : Jai Hind

Me : Whaaat? No way, even I’m in Jai hind , okay which course did you do?

Soniya : BMM ( Mass media )


Soniya : Yeah man honestly

Me : ( Says sarcastically) So are you even employable after BMM?

Soniya : Ya dude don’t worry.

Me : Cause honestly, I don’t think I even want  a job,I just want to travel”

Soniya : you should, actually my best friend is just like you, she worked for a year, then she quit her job and started a travel blog ” Feet on the map” and she went to Sikkim and lived in a hut for 20 day just clicking pictures of monks and then came back. ”

(Has a slight mental breakdown )

( mean what are the odds I meet someone whose actually from my college,my course and takes the same Saturday class for Spanish not only that but also at the same time. And her best friend is living the life I want)

Like think about it. Gonna end this with a quote from my favourite movie, Serendipity.


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