Meeting your favourite traveller on streets of Mumbai

Take a look at this, if you haven’t read it already.The girl I met at my Spanish Class


It began when I was in 11th. I vividly remember sitting on my study table, when my mom enters the room, drops an article on my table and says “read it when you get time, it’s pretty interesting.”

Once my mom left the room, I decided to read the article. It was about this guy, Vahishta Mistry, a 29-year-old, working decided to quit his job, sell his house and cats and travel the world.

There that made me starts daydreaming.

( Decides to message him )

The message goes something like this – hi, hugest fan, much love, such inspiration. I wants to the same thing. 

Months flew by when he texted back , said he’d be happy to help.

Fast forward to 1 year college 

Anushka, a college friend of mine, was walking to the bustop , when I noticed a tyre hanging from a tree. It was quite peculiar. I stopped and tried to figure out, what was the purpose of that little tyre?

Came to two conclusions

  1. Couldn’t be used as a swing – cause too high
  2. Couldn’t be used to kill yourself -cause too high

So we just left without coming to any conclusion

Same day

( Goes back home) 

( Randomly scrolls through Instagram) 

( Sees, same tyre hanging on tree) 

( Quickly sees, who posted it) 

( Screenshots it, sends Anushka) 


Vahishta posted it. Now if you have seen Sherlock holmes you know, what a mind map is. That’s exactly what I did there, sitting on my chair.

I create a whole mind map of – ” I was there, means he walked the same road as me, Oh my god, means I can probs meet him, Oh my god, oh my god, he walked the same road as me, means we both had the same thoughts while looking at it, means we are soulmates. “

So next day I met anushka in college and we decided to bunk our psychology lecture.  And we causally come out of college p and a guy that looks like Vahishta passes us.

*Casually, without hyperventilating tells Anushka that guy that just passed us, is Vahishta*

Anushka : What? Are you serious? You’re kidding? No way. How are you so chill.

Me : Trust me I’m not, I’m dying.

Vahishta crosses us again.

Anushka :Oh my god , we need to talk to him

Me : Yeah

( Both of us start following him)

( he increases pace, can’t keep up, so we start shouting, Excuse me, and the whole world around him turns except him)

( walks way to fast)

( anushka at this point is pratically running)

( Me, chal forget yaar, at least I saw him)

Anushka : Oh no, we didn’t come this far, for that. She starts jogging and catches up to him and I start running.

(He stops at the gate)

Anushka : Ah hi, my friend is a hugefan of yours .

Me : *Looks at him with wonder  *

Me : Starts off -Oh my god. It’s a dream meeting you. I mean, wow you’re so brave to have quit your job and sell your cats to travel the world.

Vashishta : Actually I got my cats back

Me : Oh yay that’s great . I have told everyone  everything about you. And you’re my inspiration and I want to do the same thing

*Vashishta trying to interrupt me , I sssh him.*

(Goes on about how much I love him)

After that is over , he gives me the biggest of smiles and says I didn’t get your name.

Me : Oh how silly, I completely forgot to introduce myself .

Vashishta: I’m so happy I inspire you and made you dream big. ( Says alot of sweet things , which I can’t remember, cause I was so happy I met him)

Anushka : Wait guys, let me take a picture.

(Takes picture )

(I go to the bus stop. Calls mom and both of us are fan girling over him on the phone. )

(Goes back home)

(Posts picture on Instagram , tags him for the heck of it, thought he wouldn’t ever see it).

*Gladly mistaken, he liked and commented on my picture*

( goes to sleep )

Wakes up to being tagged in a photo.




  1. Okay, sorry for digging up this post but I somehow landed here from others and read it all over again. Could’t help but smile because for a minute there, I felt as if I was running after Vashishtha along with you guys 😀


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