Find that inner peace

I was randomly scrolling through Instagram when I came across this picture. It literally made me stop the mindless scrolling I was doing and just re-read it.


( Read the quote again ) 

Imma right?

That’s how I feel in my third year of college. I feel at ease and peaceful. I actually look forward to my lectures (which is strange, I didn’t enjoy my first two years.) But now I’m genuinely happy with my decision. So in my third, I have to choose between Advertising and journalism. And I took Journo.  Why I took Journalism – Part I

Now waking up isn’t a headache ( who am I lying too) Haha and going to college makes me actually want to learn something.

I know , what a stupid thing to say, because ,”You go there to learn.” But do we? Let’s  firstly define learning then.

Learning according to me, is expanding our narrow narrow minds to the fullest possible , thus allowing our self to finally open up to a brand new world.  But this can only happen when you’re open minded . This requires you to respect another individuals opinion on a certain topic.. Because if we aren’t, we aren’t allowing our mind to grow in every direction that it should be expanding in.

Learning is such a beautiful process and I’ll tell you why. I still vividly remember sitting in my political theory class and my teacher, in all good respect, assumes we all are idiots.( which we are, I don’t disagree at all) starts  the lecture explaining why are we fighting over Kashmir?

We all give our varied answers and our understanding to this crucial topic. Then she starts from the beginning giving us detailed explanations to everything  we already know about or adding more information.Then she continues discussing the present and the future of Indo- Pak relations and I have never felt this educated before. Like seriously. I thought to myself,finally I can have an intelligent conversation with my dad at the table, while my sibling feels stupid. (JK OR AM I).

Because when teachers don’t assume, we know everything & teaches us from the beginning, that’s what I like to call ‘LEARNING’, for me at least. I know some of you must be thinking, time is of the essence, but understanding a topic is equally important. All of us, I’m sure knows  something about our relations with Pak. But when a teacher talks about it with a neutral perspective and begins to explain why and how it occured. You just sit there with amazement, and you’re like ‘Oh ya, Now that makes complete sense’.

I live for moments like this. Remember how I said I never felt this educated before? I came back to my hostel and explained everything to my roommate and felt like a child of Einstein.

See learning should empower you.

It should empower you to expand your own mind.

Thus making you share your recent  learnings with others.

Because everyone knows something you don’t know about and that should be the sole reason to talk to people and expand your bloody mind.



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