Why I took Journalism – Part I


I am a mass media student studying in one of the best colleges in Mumbai. ( Not like saying this cause I’m in the college) 

I’m in final year and we have to decide whether we want to take up advertising or journalism. To make such a huge decision, the first two years of college are spent studying a variety of subject of advertising and journalism. You get to learn about filmmaking, understand Public relations, Marketing, And so on.

However, I have always loved ad lectures. And I honestly joined my college with the mindset that I’ll take Ad. But life always works out in different ways.

I will run you through how I felt sitting in an ad class in college.

(lights off) 

Because college is rather dramatic that way.

  • 30 second to 1-minute ad plays
  • In awe of the brilliance shown on screen
  • Somewhat inspired

( teachers walks up near the table/ sits on it)

( Asks class for their opinion)

  • blank faces, pin drop silence •

(She then begins explaining the ad, in ways you never looked at it)

giphy-downsized (1).gif
And you’re just like oh!

One of the most fascinating things I learnt in ad class was that in a country like ours (India) uses the ‘ emotional card really well. ( throws bucket of emotions on customers) Baam, ‘ PRODUCT SOLD OUT.’

Now that’s what I thought the ad would be in my 3rd year. But nope. I was wrong.

Luckily college is nice that way and gave us a month to decide which subject you wanted to take and allowed you to sit for both lectures. ( God bless their soul)

My reaction when told you if you take journalism you get twice a week off.

And thus the journey began AAAAAAAAAAAAAND



  1. […] That’s how I feel in my third year of college. I feel at ease and peaceful. I actually look forward to my lectures (which is strange, I didn’t enjoy my first two years.) But now I’m genuinely happy with my decision. So in my third, I have to choose between Advertising and journalism. And I took Journo.  Why I took Journalism – Part I […]

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