Why I took journalism – Part II 

I started attending college by attending advertising lectures in early June. We were supposed to have an ‘Introduction’ class to advertising. Right? No wrong.

The guy who came freaked the bleeping f*** out of everyone. Didn’t introduce shit. Started off on a tangent and I was just sitting there in a daze.  *Probably after class I’ll pick up doughnuts after class*

giphy-downsized (4)

The first class was ad design and it was all about drawing, branding, understanding logo’s & colours etc. He gave us a list of things we needed for the next class. And I’m sitting there like, Ahh, I don’t even know if I’m gonna be taking ad. So give-me-time-to-think-and-breathe. 


Forgot to mention. In my college I have one class a day for 2-3 hours.

So the next class  I would be having would be a week later.

Obviously, life can be a little painful sometimes. We didn’t have a single journo class for the next 3 weeks. And if we didn’t attend the ad, we would lose attendance.

So imagine my state, sitting in a class, where I don’t understand a thing, the professor is redundant to explain what we will be doing the entire semester.

giphy-downsized (5)

Being in ad you got to be creative and have basic skill in drawing. I can’t draw. And in that particular class, we have to draw and draw only.

Best I can do

A couple of other teachers spoke about their projects. I felt so out of place, I remember. And I knew I didn’t see myself doing the projects.

Finally, when the journo lectures started I started enjoying it. They explained the projects, they spoke about what we will be doing the entire semester. I felt good. Find that inner peace.

I didn’t see an option b/w what I wanted to take. I knew it. I was going to take journo and be proud of my decision.

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