You are your best friend

Yep. There’s a stark difference between being alone and being lonelyx


We live in an age where we are constantly connected with people but disconnected with our own being. We surround ourselves with social media (thank you for reading the blog though), we go out for lavish dinners and we play loud music to prevent the mind from thinking about what really bothers us. We make pointless, silly conversations with people just to be able to keep on talking and sharing and we forget how important introspection is. We disregard and disrespect that one thing which is the hardest to find– A sense of self-worth.

I have been a huge fan of Ayn Rand for a very long time now and even though I don’t completely believe in her ideologies or think that they are possible in the real world, I respect her for teaching me one of the most crucial lessons of my life through print – my own value…

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