These 2 Youtuber Changed the internet for me

 1.Anna Akana


Damn girl. She is something else.Ms Akana really knows how to stand out from the crowd. Firstly she leaves you so hungry for more of her content. Her videos are exactly 2 min something seconds. She really gets you hooked.And she talks about such relevant issues and she’s so honest about it that, you admire her.

Through her videos, I have learnt that she always wanted to be an actress and a director. By opening her own youtube channel, she had accomplished both. Her short films are fabulous in my understanding.

She takes simple ideas and presently in phenomenal ways.

Take a look at some of her work. These three are my personal favourites :

  2. Inanna Sarkis


This lady, by God, is firstly a motivation to get fit. She was a cute healthy thing that worked out every day without fail and has become so hot, you are like damn if your consistent anything can happen. Apart from her being gorgeous, there is so much depth to her, you can feel it. She makes her own short films, where she acts, directs, and writes them etc. She is phenomenal, to be honest, and she never says no. If she doesn’t know something she will make it a point to understand it. Oh, and she’s terribly fierce her short films are all so empowering and are an accurate representation of her.

Take a look at some of her work :

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