5 Movies you’d never find on the internet

A little disclaimer about these films: I’m so sure the majority of you won’t understand why I love these films. However just the other day I was watching this documentary that really supported  what I’m about to say.

All these films represent my sense of humour. I just feel so happy that I’m not the only one that thinks along these lines like.That there is a whole film crew out there that think the exact way I do.I did try to ask my roommate, to watch a film I couldn’t stop talking and she said the “film was fine.” I mean the “ audacity” she had to call it “ fine” really put me off.  I take my films very seriously.

So here a list of things that have made me happy, and I’m so sure they won’t do the same to you. But go ahead, give the trailer a shot.

Mr right

I can only sum up with this film with a quote, “ Find someone that matches your crazy.”


That’s all I can say about this film. It literally is on a con man that kills the people who hire him. Yup, he’s a good guy in reverse.

Best man down

Yes. Let me dissect the movie title for you. Best man means it has to do with something with a wedding. “Down” I think you can guess that. If you really want to know what happens watch the trailer that will make you want to watch the film.

Walk of shame

Man oh, man. If you love watching movies of people doing crazy stuff, and you wish you had just a day in their life. This is for you. Its about this news anchor that has a epic night.

The Right kind of Wrong


The kind of honesty in this film made me laugh so hard ( mentally obviously) who laughs out loud nowadays. Gosh.She wrote a blog about her boyfriend on “ why he sucks.” And he says what’s the name, she says “ why you suck dot net.” I said to myself that this is why I look movies with honesty and decided I needed to watch it.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

200w_d (27).gif

Ah, don’t we all need to watch some movie shoot in some area that just makes you want to go there?I think we all do.This is a perfect example of that movie. It’s about a journalist who goes to Afghanistan to cover events. How this stands out is well it was shoot.

This ( as you can see from the above list ) are the movies I found while I was scrolling through youtube. I mean, these are what I called perfect trailers.

I just realised my last couple of posts are all about movies. So obviously I’m a movie buff now.Actually, if you think about it, whenever I’m bored, I watch at least two-three movies per day. And then other days I read.


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