My interpretation to the English Language

I will quote Neil Gaiman, the speech that he had given to a bunch of graduates from the University of the Arts in  2012.

“I learned to write by writing. I tended to do anything as long as it felt like an adventure, and to stop when it felt like work, which meant that life did not feel like work.”

Life should always be an adventure when its not its time to leave and make stupid shit up along the way. So in this journey called life I have decided to play around with words that make life a happier place for me.


200w_d (45).gif
Take a look even if you don’t care.


Here are a few things I say frivolously in life, where I don’t actually mean what I say at times. I think  I’m making myself sound more horrible than I actually am. But take a look at them, I guarantee you’ll be more confused than before. I don’t think anyone will ever understand me unless they too have gone through some of the things I have.


200w_d (43).gif
I guarantee you this is going to be your reaction to reading my post.


Lost: Kept so safely that you can’t find it.

I think we can all agree we all have a tendency to something. I know in heart of heart, that if I just look hard enough I’d find it. But when you need it, you won’t find it. Like socks a typical example. The thing you see every day, but can’t actually place where you saw it.


giphy-downsized (9).gif
Yes right.


I won’t ever agree anything is not lost.It’s just at that point of time that it cant be found and be found when we dont need it. I’ll give you another example, you drop your pen behind the bed. You saw it fall, you leaned over to see it fallen right there. You don’t bother to pick it up, you think to yourself *hmm, when I need it, I’ll know where to start looking* and then you get back to living your life.

This is called living in organised chaos. Just like our country, no one knows how it runs, but it does and it does a pretty good job.

200w_d (40)

Fell: You didn’t drop it. It fell.

200w_d (30).gif
You’re like, “ is that possible?”

So hear me out, then you will understand me. Since I was a child, I have always been clumsy. I would walk into the wall, stub my toe innumerable times more than you ever can ever imagine, break plates and glasses. But one thing I won’t take the blame for is when a mug breaks and it isn’t my fault.

200w_d (34).gif
You say: ” Isn’t your fault? Then whose is it?”


200w_d (13)
Me say: ^


Now imagine yourself sitting in the restaurant and, you have this glass of water in front of you. You are talking to your friend, both of you laugh, and while in a blink of an eye, the glass breaks. Both of you know, it wasn’t you. The end. You’ll get it once, you’ll experience it.Abrupt, yes. that’s how I like to do it.


200w_d (32).gif
You say : ” I dont think I ever will, but okay Payal.”


Funny: You’re weird


200w_d (35).gif
Wasn’t he funny? HAHA. No, he was genuinely funny.


There was a meme I saw on the internet the other day.I am the nicest rudest person I know. Which is me. I am so mean, I wonder how I have friends at times. Since I can’t be meaner, therefore, I decided to devise a sweet sounding word for my cover-up.


200w_d (31)
Yeah you’re just like wow this girl is full of crap. And Mr or Mrs or Ms you ain’t wrong


This word is called ‘you’re funny’. So when I say it, people think they are funny.(Obviously, why wouldn’t they.) And I’m just giving them an  *evil smile* while laughing in my head.


200w_d (36).gif
Oh my god Payal when are you gonna stop.



200w_d (37).gif
I’m like guys I wasn’t that bad also. Hahah


giphy (1)
Okay you can strangle me now . I’m done.



I should create a hashtag called #makingbullshitsince1996

So if you think along the lines as me, leave a comment so we can talk. What say? I cant be the only one? Or can I??



200w_d (41)
Hey wait up, before you. I hope to see you reading my next post.


200w_d (44)
Don’t do this to me. Hahhaha



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  1. 😂 You are by no means, alone! Also, taking off from the first point, have you ever come up with such a difficult permutation of caps/symbols/numbers and special characters masquerading as your password that you cannot type it in the exact same way even if you remembered what it was?


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