Don’t Cry: My First Attempt to Write a Poem

hey girl

i know there are times when you just want to cry

and any other ordinary person would tell you

to just ball your eyes out

i too would have said the same thing to you

but things have changed over time

and i have come to realise

tears are previous

so don’t waste it on any fellow that comes to into your life

to that, “you’ll say you were in love”

“you don’t understand my situation,”

and to that i say,”I DONT”

but I can tell you this

that they’ll never know you cried for them

or who made you cry

they would be completely oblivious

to that fact you are crying

So baby girl this is a poem to yourself

don’t cry,

dont waste your tears

your tears are previous

so collect your tears in a bottle

and throw it into the endless sea

And repeat these words after me

“don’t cry”

“dont cry”

“dont cry”

i can’t promise you the outcome

all I can offer is how I felt after applying this to my life

and I can say i’m glad I didn’t cry and waste my effort crying over someone that doesn’t feel the same way as me

it feels so much better than letting it out at times

Girl you just need to be true to yourself

Because that’s all that matter at the End of the day

Love will come when love will come.

Inspired by a failed date

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