Good teachers think we are dumb, and that’s alright

I don’t feel like bullshitting.I want to get straight to my point. A good teacher always has an evil masterplan. ( evil laugh and rubs hands together)
200w_d (62).gif
They do this by planting seeds in your head that make you want to know more about a particular topic.
Here is what I have devised of their evil methods over the years of my systemic research
  1. Grabbing our attention ( since it’s a span of a goldfish )
  2. Not giving us the important deets ( yeah man, when the good shit happens, they stop
  3. Assuming we are dumb ( right 99% of the time.)
Evil method 1 : Grabbing our attention
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we have an attention span of a goldfish!!! It’s 2 seconds that’s why. Apart from that, we aren’t the friendliest audience. We are always on our phone or discussing our next clubbing situation for the weekend. So if they grab our attention and they tell you enough to get you activated well then they did a pretty good job.
Evil method 2 : Insufficient information
The teacher usually does this ,by giving you what I like to call “ Insufficient information.” Just like my trailer theory: What a good trailer does to you. They tell you enough to make you want to know more, and then they stop. This moment is equivalent to when a comedian drops his mic on stage. It’s that powerful. Yeah, it’s pretty badass of them actually. And hell no it’s not easy. Which gets us to my
Evil method 3: The assumption we dumb, young and broke ( dass true, no lie)
We college students, I’m sorry to say are dumb nincompoops.( sorry not sorry) so yes. They dumb things down to a whole new level and you finally understand the roots of conflicts to why a particular operation occurred. I feel no shame when teachers think we are stupid. It’s honestly not an insult. We really need to stop ego tripping.It’s only when they think we don’t know shit( which is 99% of the time and they are right) is when they explain things from scratch which usually helps.
So this post is a shoutout to all my previous teachers who applied this without knowing my theory: YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

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