Power of the Media

Media Students you gotta read this.

The Girl in the City

Blank notepad over laptop and coffee cup on office wooden table

News and the newspapers, practically the first thing in the morning hoarded with dosses of negativity, crime and blood, and nothing else, nothing ever. We see people being degraded, murdered, raped or shot on the television and over a period of time, our minds get used to these sights and feelings of sympathy, or even surprise, disappear. We do not realize it now but we need to know the effects that are slowly seeping in the minds of the society, regardless of it being unintentional or whatever.

A study conducted on the desensitizing effects of ‘violent media on helping others’ by Brad Bushman and Craig Anderson titled as ‘’comfortably numb” (as borrowed from Pink Floyd), it shows the psychological behavior of an average human who tends to fail procuring a particular stimulus when overexposed to violence. The negative aspect of such outcome where one is specifically exposed to blood and…

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