Time warp in the hills – II

1 mountain day is equivalent to 3 city days.

We do so much in a day, yet it never seems to get over. A friend of mine said she forget which year it is.

We all, working in Green trails have at least said this twice in a conversation like “oh so couple of days ago this happened.” And my friends would be like “ Payal, that was this morning.” And I’m like “ No way, are you kidding me.”

Time goes slowly but fast.

Slowly cause, we do so much in a day and fast because at the same time weeks fly by.

Funny right?

No it’s not. You look like a bloody idiot.

But it’s can also be the best things over here. Why? Because sometimes not knowing, which day it is, is oddly calming?

Honestly? What’s the point of knowing which day it is. Work needs to be done nevertheless..

But as Steve jobs said “ If you do what you love, it’s not work.”

I love what I do. And I don’t work a single day. Not that I don’t work, whatever work I do, I thoroughly enjoy it, so it’s never a load.

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