I met crazy mountain people in the Western Himalayas

My whole life people have looked at me as if I was crazy and they weren’t wrong. I think this was due to the fact that most of the things I enjoyed in doing in life, I actually went on and pursued, like living in the mountains for a year, trying out paragliding, doing a solo trip. While most people dreamt it I did it.

All I knew was these two things

One stay true to yourself making my dreams a reality.

Two, passion has always been a huge part of any decision. And I am not alone in this strange conquest. I have vibed with people with the same wavelength as me. Some even have told me, “Do it only if you have passion,” and I think to myself, “That’s what I tell myself all the time,” and this friend further goes on to say, “ or don’t do it at all, but definitely don’t do it for the money.”

If you have ever thought to yourself,, “Am the only one that thinks this differently?” I must say sir/ madam, you have been living in your comfort zone for far too long, it’s time you take another adventure. Go find your tribe.

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