The Importance of Hiking Boots

The number of times I regret even saying sentences like
Oh we are just going to the market, so just put on your sandals, is not even funny.”
 Because it’s never just to the “ market” or to the “village”.
What it always is, is an “adventure” that no one accounts for
. Both these times, I really wished I wore my boots.
After these experiences,  it’s now become a habit.
Laura and I decided to visit Kuling to meet our 5 houses.
One of the responsibilities of being a Green Trail crusader was to make Zero waste villages, 5 houses at a time. So we ask the local communities to segregate their waste into soft plastic, cardboard, glass and organic.
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The hill we climbed with sandal’s
To get back to the base camp, we’d usually hitchhike. Kilburi, one of the zero waste families decided to invite us for lunch. After that, she invited us to accompany her to her workplace. We were like “sure why not, sounds like a “ great idea” right.”
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Kilburi Ji
Narrator: it wasn’t a great idea.
Initially, it started off on the road, later it turned into ascending a steep mountain!!! in sandals!!! that ultimately led me to fall into a thorn bush!!!
The locals were basically building a stone wall so the cows stop grazing.
The elders break the stone and assemble it while the younger generation of women carries the stones to them.
I sat their admiring their strength and versatility. Obviously, I was useless there, couldn’t pick up a peanut for a living.
Around 4pm they insisted that we start our descend since I was in sandals and find a vehicle back.
The ride back 
I stopped the first car I saw on the road. I thought to myself, there’s a married woman in the car so check, smart non-creepy driver check. Told them we needed a lift back to Lohajung. We were about to hop into the back of the jeep when another car stopped and two creepy heads popped out and said: “ No Memsab come with us.”
This only made me hurry into the jeep faster.
In the Jeep, we all spoke a little about where we were from and what we were doing.
Guy : I’m in the govt.
Me : My dad’s in Defence.
Guy : So what do you do ?
Guy : You wouldn’t understand.
Me : *Obviously, my ego hurt*  Try me
Guy: I’m the cabinet Secretary of Delhi.
Me: Cool
*Reaches basecamp*
The jeep behind us had 5 black cats, 2 guys with a gun and a policeman.


  1. Dude! Do you ever have a dull day up there? 😀 😀
    And the Pahadi women will give the strongest city person a run for their money! I have seen old women walking up the trails with a 50 kg sack faster than us 20 somethings, supposedly in the prime of our lives, can walk with a measly backpack!
    Also, there’s a typo in the last convo I guess. You asked what does he do, right?


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