The story of One Man, and his love for Dal Roti

There’s this really famous restaurant in Fort Kochi, called ‘Dal Roti’. That place will forever leave me speechless. It’s a quaint little restaurant that is especially well located and it ought to be in your “Must visit list”. They are mostly known for their “Kathi Rolls”, but my personal favourite is their “Prawn Biryani.”

The owner of the place, Ramesh Menon knows my family very well. So it’s always a treat going theirs since Uncle, is a great storyteller.  I’m telling you, name a place and I bet he’d have a story to tell.

Every year, since the past god knows how many, he takes a 2 week off and goes off wandering with his camera. Once he visited Ladakh in the chilling winter of  -23 degrees to capture pictures of snow leopards !!! 

The other day we visited Dal Roti, he told us, he was planning to sell it. At first, we were shocked, “Sell it?!?” 

*Family gasps*: “But why Ramesh? I mean this place won’t do great without you”

My dad and I : Yeah you add personality to Dal Roti

Ramesh Uncle: Yeah, it’s been an adventure running this place, but I think I have reached my plateau now.

My dad and I : * takes a minute to process* 

Ramesh Uncle: There’s nothing much I can do now, I have done everything, I have poured my heart and soul into it. There’s no more growth. I am happy.  I can finally go off to go places

This conversation really inspired me. As sometimes in life, you will eventually reach a plateau.  You have done everything you could to make it grow,and now you have peaked That’s pretty much it. You have become successful, you have grown. It’s so important to know when to move on in life.

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