Timeline of the quotes that defined me

We all have been through various phases in our lives. I like to define my phase in quotes, while others like to remember them through music.

  1.  What if I fall? oh but my darling what if you fly?

I was in class 12 when I decided to set an unrealistic goal to achieve 94%. Unrealistic in the sense, I had always been an average student in school. 60%-70% was my ideal score. But in 1oth, my marks picked up I got 84%. One fine day, I must have been scrolling through Pinterest when I came across this quote.  It resonated so much with me since that it defined what I was lying ahead of me. I had to take a leap of faith and believe in myself, that I could achieve a 94%.

PS : I got 94.6%. I beat my own score.

    2.Stealing happiness from strangers on the street

Technically speaking, this isn’t a quote. It’s from an article I read on Instagram. What stuck out in this article for me was particularly this line. When I read it, I was in college, living an exceedingly monotonous life. I couldn’t take it anymore that people were doing things just to get noticed, I knew there still has to be depth and find more meaning. I loved adventure and happiness. So I sought out on a mission to find happiness in the most unusual of places. This is proof of it: 

 Make everyday an adventure

Summer after Graduation

Over the course of 6 months, I met a group of people that revised that quote for me. They said, “I was collecting happiness, rather than distributing it.” Nothing has touched more than that.

   3. “It never occurred to me that there was anything I couldn’t do if I wanted to do it”. 

 I found this quote in April 2018. It stuck hard since it was pretty witty as well as beautiful. The quote caught me at the time when I knew I would do things that lie outside my comfort zone. (The Green Trails Fellowship).But that certainly never stopped me. Reading this quote, only empowered me to extend that I went with more gusto to achieve my dreams.


  1. Lovely quotes. Beautiful post.

    “What if I fall?”… I wrote a post inspired by this quote. After all, is it that bad to fall, is it that painful to fail? Isn’t it worse to never even try?

    I didn’t know the last quote you shared, but it reminds me of so many quotes about nothing being truly impossible. We can have anything we want, as long as we sacrifice and do the work.

    Thank you for writing this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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