5 Books that have inspired me to live fully

After ‘let’s-not-embarrass- myself-years-not-picking-up-a-book’, I decided to revive my old book reading habit.

I discovered “Three Cups of Tea” by David Oliver Ren. His writing style is magnificent. I can’t wait to read it. I have just finished the introduction which has inspired me so much to write this post.

Reading this book reminded me of all the other books that inspired me, so here go my 5 favourite books.

  1. Forbidden Lessons in a Kabul Guesthouse by Surya Saeed 

I was 17 when I read it. I was at this bookstore whilst running my hands across books when I dramatically paused at this one. I flipped it and I knew this was it for me. Surya Saeed, daughter of the Kabul Governor grew up in a peaceful Afghanistan, but following the Soviet Invasion in 1979, her family and she took the decision to shift to America. After an unexpected tragedy, she goes back to Afghanistan, and witnesses the wreak of Havock. Now she is determined to make changes and reinstall hope. She sets up an underground school for the kids.

2. Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh 

This book gives you a pretty good insight into India during and after the partition. It speaks about the gruesome events in 1947, so descriptively that disturbs you. It takes you back to the time when Hindu’s, Muslims and Sikhs lived together in harmony. But shortly due to partition, the violence began. The book takes a slow pace, but it is so well described that it honestly feels like he is talking to you in your living room. I especially loved his usage of symbolism to depict the events occurring around the village. This was what I liked the most, was when the train was delayed, how the schedule of the people was disrupted in the bargain.

3. Don’t ask an old bloke for directions  by P.G Tenzing

This book got me all teary-eyed with laughter. His dark humour on friendship, death, life was exceptionally unconventional. P.G Tenzing was an Ex IAS officer, that slogged for 20 years. Till one day, he decided to pursue his dreams and rode

rode his bike and travelled 25,320 kilometres for nine months without a plan.

The characters he crosses on his journey just add more colour to his stories. Tenzing, perspective to life makes the books impossible to put down. It is one of those books, that you finish by mistake without realising you reached the last page.

4. Let’s explore diabetes with owls by David Sedaris

” A guy walks into a bar car and…From here the story could take many turns. When this guy is David Sedaris, the possibilities are endless, but the result is always the same: he will both delight you with twists of humour and intelligence and leave you deeply moved.”


I couldn’t find a better way to encapsulate his work other than how the book has been described.

5. Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

 From the title of the book, you can gaze it’s gonna be a phenomenal read. Jenny Lawson came out a couple of years ago as mentally ill. It’s a compilation of all her odd takes on life with anxiety, depression.

She refuses to wave a white flag and decides to be Furiously Happy.

Her remarkably positive outlook on life is something I think we all consider implementing in our lives. She inspires me to no end, and her sense of humour kills throughout the book.

All these books left me furiously happy, motivated and most importantly gave me a sense of purpose.


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