This was the reason I began Reading

In 2017 I decided to read two books a month which I started by reading 10 pages a day. The decision of reading began when I decided to sweep my dusty studytable where I noticed my books.

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And that instantly reminded me of a scene from, John Green book, “Looking for Alaska.”

Where Miles goes to Alaska’s room for the first time and he was shocked to see, rows of books piled from top to bottom. He asked her, “when do you plan to read it?” She replied, “when I’m old, I’ll sit and read it.”

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Just like Alaska habit of hoarding books, I patiently waited for that day to arrive, where I would finally have time to read. Then it struck me

“That day never arises. You got to the seize the day. Thus began my journey to read.”


To be continued.

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