Fighting Climate Change with a Bicycle

In Damascus, the capital of Syria, women are tired of waiting in their cars in hour-long traffic.

This bothered everyone, but no one had solutions to resolve this. Except for Sara Zien, a university going student in Syria who started  ‘Yalla Let’s Bike’ an initiative to break traditional social norms and combat against Climate Change.

Credits: The UN

She decided to ride a Bicycle

She decided to remove her bicycle from childhood and cycle to her way to university.

People inspect a site hit by what residents said were airstrikes carried out by the Russian air . REUTERS

Breaking Taboo’s in Syria

This might seem normal to you. But not for the war-torn country in Syria, where women seen riding a bicycle is considered a taboo. Sara Zien mentions

There’s a belief in Syria, that bicycle seat deflowers a woman.

Regular Bicycle Session

Now there are more than 4,000 people that are participating in this social movement in Syria. There are regular bike rides as well as women-only bike rides.

Women are coached to ride a bike

Sara Zien, small way to save hour long waiting in transport, proved to effective solution to empower women and provide an eco-friendly solution idea to climate change.

How are you helping to combat climate change today?

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