3 Quotes that summarise my Solo travel in India

True story bro. The journey began with a two-day train journey from Kochi, the same evening I took an overnight bus to Dharamshala. By the time, I came home 3 weeks later, I was so proud of myself.

This is really the first question people need to stop asking, “Akele Ai ho? Dost nahi hai?” ( You came by yourself? You don’t have any friends?)
No one understands me better than Mr Einstien, who I quote said

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

Once you understand the gravity of that quote and actually implement it in your life, things have a funny of working out. I did everything I wanted to, I camped under the stars, in -4 (so don’t romanticise everything I say) and paraglided in Bir.

I met a stranger that turned a good friend on the trip.

My Zostel roommate and I decided to ask her if she was interested in tagging along with us to paraglide in Bir. By the end of it, we were 7 people stuffed in a car.

By the look of it, they didn’t weren’t too pleased with new people in their group of 5.

I wish I could have given a f***, but I didn’t come out all the way in the mountains to get judged by my new friend’s friends.

What inspires you to travel solo?

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