The Power of Belief: Paragliding in Bir

I sat with my feet leaned against the side rail of the Zostel cafe. I wore my famous pink Floyd Tee, sunglasses on, sipped black coffee, with some great music in the background. My heart was pounding, I knew I was in the mood to do something wild and adventurous again.

Paragliding was the answer to getting outside my comfort zone.

The next thing I knew, Ashish and I, were standing outside Shalom Hostel in Dharamkot, waiting for our friends to join us.

The open-air truck ride

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We hired a jeep, 2 and a half hours later, we stopped in Bir.

We got off, exchanged our vehicle for an open-air truck. That was the highlight of the trip.

The seven of us sat behind the truck, while our instructors comfortably sat inside. The road was bumpy and unfinished, you could visibly see the land affected by the landslides. The truck moved swiftly.

Every turn, I felt more alive than the last. We were thrown sideways, jumped upwards.

By the end, we were covered in a layer of dust particles.

Take off

That was the take-off area.

Everything happened in a matter of seconds.

The instructor put on my safety equipment and gave me one precise instruction I had to follow.

Madam, whatever you do, don’t stop running.

I was caught off-guard when he said

“one , two and run”.

I ran, my feet felt powerful, after a couple of seconds, we were off the ground, yet my feet were in the same position of takeoff. I closed my eyes and felt overwhelmingly happy. Then I asked the instructor to turn towards the mountains to soak it in.

Landing and the ride back

The landing was exhilarating, and I realised how easy it was to break a leg. I was content, and I knew I enjoyed the jeep ride more than this.

What I enjoyed most, was not having a picture or a video to commiserate the moment. It was all inside me.

In the end, we forget to do things for ourselves.

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