The story of red bangles and bold decisions

Red Bangles: The story of a girl that ran away for a social cause, then decided to open a film production company. 

Red Bangles is a film Production company started by Lakshmi Rebecca and Sunil Patrapati.

Lakshmi came all the way from Banglore to film a documentary on how Indiahikes Manages their waste.

Here’s how

Me: How did you come up with the name Red Bangles?

Lakshmi: I have always enjoyed biking. What I love more was leaving the people surprised. I did that, by tucking hair my hair in a bun, leaving them guessing, whether I was a man or a woman.

Lakshmi: On one of my bike rides. I noticed I wore red bangles. And I thought about the fragility of them. They had a hint of ruralness yet they exemplified power. That day I decided if I was ever to start a company it would be called “Red Bangles.”

Me ( acting as a narrator): That was 2 years ago. 

Now she runs a full-fledged business with her partner. Her current goal is to get her company under the title of media and Internet company.
Check out her documentary

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