I trekked to give an Education in the Indian Himalayas

are familiar with the saying, “Children walk to receive  an education.”

In my case,“I trekked to give an education.”

We conducted activities to make the students think

This was all possible because of the fellowship I did with Indiahikes.

May and June are usually the trekking season for Roopkund, one of India’s most popular destination for trekking.

Since I was there for a totality of 4 months, 2 months I had a vehicle from my Basecamp in Lohajung to the my village, in Wan.

The other 2 months  I had to walk/hitchhike with any passing vehicle.

Wan Village

The idea behind teaching the students

The main objective of the fellowship was to make the villages zero waste. 5 houses at a time.

We asked the local women to segregate their waste into plastic, cardboard, metal and glass.

We believe that

Waste is not waste if we can segregate it.

Green Trails Indiahikes

The best way to bring about change is through the youth, in schools. Hence my team and I taught the importance of segregation and environmental studies in schools.

The intention behind this was the students would mention this at home to their parents. What made everything completely worth it, was when the kids remembered, what you taught in class and actually implemented it in their lives.

That’s really when you know you did a good job.


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