5 Reasons why you should never read Paulo Coelho’s books

I have been left bewildered trying to understand the hype behind Paulo Coelho. I hope this changes your perspective buying his books:

You would never be able to relate to him

That’s right. Let that sink in, ‘You would never be able to relate to him.’ Paulo goes through things that are so unrelatable that you must be thinking how come he’s the only one going through it.

Again Paulo !

Don’t believe me, continue reading

You will be left uninspired

If you are in search of inspiration, this is where you should never start looking. I would personally recommend it if you are looking for a headache

See the shit he says ‘ so uninspiring’

You will hate that he keeps releases books

After the hype of the Alchemist and Hippie, I found myself trying to understanding how could he still be publishing books like wildfire.

I began reading other books written by him like Valkyries, The Manual of a Warrior, The Manuscript of Accra, Like the flowing river, The Pilgrimage, Hippie and

I still don’t understand how he does it.

Paulo is the reason I hate reading

Picking up the Alchemist ruined my life. His books are extremely hard to understand he makes you believe that you are useless and could never write like him.

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