Greta Thunberg & her quest to Combat Climate Change II

Every time I watch Greta Thunberg,the 16 year old Swedish Climate Change Activist, I am inspired. I’m just watching a vice documentary on her, I can’t stop holding back my tears. She is such an inspiration.

This is what I am talking about.

Skipping School to Stop The Climate Crisis: Greta Thunberg and the Student Protests

Currently I am working on Climate Change, with the United Nations Development Program, on their study ‘Implications of Climate Change on Human Development and Poverty’. It’s an ethnographic study capturing people’s voice to Climate Change.

It’s a two month study to understand how the marginalized communities that are living in fragile ecosystems are disproportionately affected by Climate Change. The study would be covering 5 major regions

  1. Semi-arid and arid areas
  2. Sensitive Mountain Ecosystems
  3. Forest and Tribal Areas
  4. Coastal Regions
  5. Island Communities

The objective is to add peoples voice to the study and receive recommendations from the community.

I have been selected for the Sensitive Mountain Communities. I have gone to the Western Himalayas as well as the Eastern Himalayan Region to capture the voices of the vulnerable section.

I have visited cities such as Dehradun, Mussorie, Guwahati,Kohima, Dimapur villages in Meghalaya ( Rongdengre , Rombagre , Silsekgre , Selbalgre ) to Nagaland’s ( Tseisema Base , Tseisema Bawa , Khonoma , Jakhama , Mima )

While watching this documentary, I have paused it, because I feel so much, I am so motivated and I just struck me, If I wish to do more, to be more, I would love to go to Sweden and study Sustainability Management or something along those lines. I am looking up courses to get a full scholarship. I am going to be there.


I would join the local clubs around Sweden that work towards climate change and protests on Friday’s. This way I will get myself acquainted on how to hold a protest in my own country, India.

Then I wish to come, work for the development of the Mountain communities, whilst working on Climate Change, joining an existing group, or even start my own

I have never wanted a single job, I have always seen myself, being an busy independent young woman, juggling work having great time management.

Master’s in Sweden

By the time, I go to Sweden, I would have worked on ground for 2 years with the Gandhi Fellowship in Uttarakhand, which I could show as my model village on Waste Management.

I am looking forward to Sweden and working towards our future!


  1. Its fascinating to see the ground reality, isn’t it?

    What was your experience like? What kind of concerns did the people in the mountains voice with respect to climate change?


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