Five years ago, while I was in my 12th, I watched this short film called ‘Cold’. It never really got out of my head. I found myself, re watching to a point that I had to write a blog about it.

This is how the short film ends

” When I first moved to Toronto alot of people told me to be ready to be cold. It’s funny because you get used to the weather pretty quick. It’s the city that takes a while to warm up to you.”

The cinematography, the editing, the acting is brilliantly done. It follows a chain of people lives whom seems unrelated.

One of the scene really stuck with me. In the film, there was a gay guy, sitting in the car, listening to the radio with a gun held to his head. who about to shoot himself in the head.

When the RJ decided to take calls. The first caller was an 8 year girl that lost her gay brother who shoot himself in the head and her parents didn’t attend their own sons funeral. She never got to tell him that she loved him the way he was. And the calls gets cut.

The guy in the car, goes back home, dresses the way he wishes too and goes to eat a hotdog. In cold christmas night, as (s)he was standing in the line, the guy behind him smiles at her and bought him a hotdog.

He goes after her and before he could say anything she said

” You were the first person to smile at me tonight. It gets lonely out her sometimes and this is my way of saying thanks.”

To be continued


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