How I began the Color Intervention in rural schools of Uttarakhand?

Tucked away remotely lies a Himalayan village named Lamabagar, which derives its name from early Tibetan lamas that moved and settled across the riversides known as Bagar, getting its official name ‘ Lamabagar’.

It resides within the Kapkote Tehsil of Bageshwar district.  A  45 minutes treacherous drive from Kapkote you reach the Lamabagar, a village with no more than 60-80 families. What makes Lamabagar stand out in most places in Kapkote is the network connectivity. There’s no connectivity. If you have a BSNL sim and time to roam around you might be able to find mbile network.

Living in a village makes you appreciative of the little things in life. Initially, when I had visited the school a couple of times, I considered the roads as a ” treacherous path” but living amongst them for 21 days I began to view things with a new set of eyeballs. I learnt the roads came just 8-10 years ago. The locals were happy with the road, I considered treacherous.

The Government Primary School Lamabagar had a total strength of 19 students, one Headmaster and a teacher, I knew we had lots to work on. Upon arriving at the school I was greeted with children that never stopped dancing and smiling. They beamed with happiness. They added colour to my life. And thus the colour intervention was born.

A three day intervention where the students of Class II & III learnt the names of colours,how to identify them in and lastly create pictures using the colors.

Class III
I began my intervention with students of Class III which had a total strength of four students. I brought crayons with me. I asked them what colors they knew about first? ‘Lal'(red), shouted Rahul, ‘hara(green) shouted Usha, peela (yellow), shouted another. I was happy they knew a few colors in their language. I then began my lesson, “Today we’ll learn the English words for these Colors.”

I turned to the whiteboard, and wrote GREEN, I looked behind, and they spelt out the letters.I was happy, I said GREEN means ‘Hara’. Before I could turn around and write my next word, Mayank yelled from behind, ” Ma’am the marker is a green.” Something I hadn’t closely noticed myself. I was glad they were paying close attention.

I wrote down yellow, black, blue, orange,brown,white, purple when someone said ‘Ma’am you forgot to write PINK. I was happy the kids took an initiative with my idea.

After the interval, I brought down the steel glass and asked them to identify the colors, and around the classroom

They began moving when Mayank ran to a chart paper hanging on the wall, saying ‘Orange’ jumping to reach it, while I laughed said Yes. Rahul ran behind the whiteboard and pointed at Red. Usha found a blue box.

After that, I requested them to open their notebooks and make three columns English, Hindi and Colors. In the colors column, they had to pick up a crayon and color a box. They were excited about this activity. While they were busy with this activity I created new games for them to recall the names of colors such as Fill in the blanks, match the following.

Yuvraj, a student of class II, ” Ma’am we want to draw as well.” I smiled, and said definitely.  I asked the students of class II  to pick students of class III student to sit with. I put down the steel glass with the crayons and told class III,”This is a peer learning activity, teach your students well.” They enthusiastically began, class II sat patiently while class III picked up a crayon and said this is LAL  means RED, while Class II repeated in unison.


The school bell rang, the day thus had come to an end,
students formed a line to go back home, and began reciting the usual days of the week when one of my students said, let’s do colors. They began moving, with Rahul standing beside, them saying RED, Red and the little ones from class I, II, III,IV &V were saying it along.

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