My Thoughts on Climate Change

“Don’t be afraid to speak, there are past generations supporting you, there are future generations wanting to join you. You are never alone.

L.E Bowman

I think that’s the most powerful thing I read and connected to climate change. As individuals we feel we don’t make a difference. But we do.

There’s another lovely quote I read about straws. “It’s just one straw, said 8 billion people.” Now that I put that into context, allow me to share with you why I am so passionate about the Climate Change.

In the summer of 2019, I worked on a pilot study conducted by the United Nations Development Program, which sent me to the Western and Eastern Himalayas as well as the forest and tribals areas of Maharashtra to interview the communities and understand how climate change is disproportional affecting the poorer and vulnerable sections of our society.

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It was quite an eye opening journey. While I was travelling through Nagaland in the early monsoons, I learnt that the capital city, Kohima, was was already running out of drinking water. The citizens were spending around 25,000 Rupees just for water.

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Then I read, ‘This changes everything : Capitalism Vs Climate Change,’ by Naomi Klien a Canadian social activists,author known for exposing truths about big corportations.

I wanted to play a role as well.

Then two years down the line I got my shot. I applied for ‘The Climate Reality Project’ started by the US Former Vice President Al Gore designed to understand the science behind climate change and inspire youth to take actions.

I have covered few topics of Climate chnage on my blog as well

From women of Syria riding bicycles as form of protesting against the traffic congestions to the young lady in Sweden protesting outside the parliament to change policies.

I love young Greta, she is truly my idol, she is fearless and blunt with officials which has her all the plausible.

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