Everything adds up : The Job Hunt

Nothing prepares you for the real world.

It’s hard when you’re heart doesn’t settle for mediocrity. I want to find something, that gives me meaning, purpose.

My first job/fellowship,I’d loved waking up, segregating waste, going to meet the locals, money just came. I never had to check my balance.

Now with that money I travelled for a week to Dharmshala (my own mini vacay.). Before I started my second internship a little head of Kullu.

I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I was cold, partially cause I didn’t carry warm socks/shoes. I cried, I was miserable.

This made me realise, it’s no point working in the mounatins, for the heck of it. I need a jobs that makes me grow. A job that doesn’t make me look at my phone, makes me want to wake up, makes me want to make iniatives.

This was a huge learning experience for me. It made me realise, how grateful and lucky I was to have a perfect first job/Fellowship.

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