How I spent my time the Pandemic?

The Virus started in December 2019 in the Wuhan District of China which created a global pandemic around the world. It entered India early February in 2020, where the Central Government declared a National Wide lock down three intensive months of lock down, thereby slowly and carefully loosing its grip

This post was inspired by a three and a half hour conversation with a close college friend of mine that made me “Feel Good,” and utilize my time productively.

Over the months I have written about the following:

The free online courses one can do – personal growth or social change/ sustainability

Worthwhile Netflix shows to watch

As usual I used quotes to describe my current situation

The dilemma an amateur photographer faces at the beginning of their career

I wrote about my love for foriegn films

I ranted about the Police Brutalities in the US

I then took it upon myself to understand why such brutalities keep recurring

Then there’s a slideshow of Mumbai’s mesmerizing sunsets

A project my friend and I started in Lohajung in 2018

Then on 15th August 2020 I reminisced on how I spent Independence day in 2018

The power of a fluffy four pawed bestfriend in times of Corona

I wrote about the books that inspired me during Covid and the impact it has on me

I created a third edition to making peace with my past

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