The ‘Power of a Pup’

After one intensive year working in Remote Government Primary Schools at the foothills of the Himalayas I came home to Goa and was reunited with my favorite fam mem, my dog, Maggie.

As I sat in the balcony with Maggie snoring next to my feet I shared my experiences, with a sigh, of flying through Covid, travelling through three states to reach home with my mom.

Mom : “Don’t worry Payu, you’re finally home, you will be better soon.”

Me : “I can’t really believe I am home,I haven’t’ sat on a dining table for over a year.”

Mom: “Aww you will get everything you want here.”

Me: (Looks up at mom, as I pat Maggie) Dogs are really therapeutic, all my problems have disappeared, nothing seems to be important right now.

A minute ago, I was bogged down by my own experiences from Uttarakhand, and just having my little furry doll at my feet, I felt life wasn’t as bad as I made it seem in my head.

Credits: I would like to thank my little four-pawed baby girl at my feet that makes life enjoyable and free.

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