The Word Collector

The other day I messaged my friend in Mumbai telling him how upset I was since I had mistakenly downloaded a virus on my phone losing all my notes.

And this brilliant boy quoted none other than, the person I adored most in my writing journey, so much that I have adopted his writing as my life philosophy, please welcome Neil Gaiman.

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“It’s not about remembering something when you write somewhere but the act of writing it and thinking about it.”

Brilliance in just 19 words. My mood was magically uplifted. In the next couple of seconds, my friend sends me a video by Barack & Michelle Obama titled, “The Word Collector”.

It’s about a little boy named Jeremone that liked to collect words while his friends collected other things like rocks, stamps. Jerome collected words he liked such as ‘Wonder’, ‘Dream’ and even big words such as ‘Guacamole’ and little words such as ‘Tea shop’ .

One day as he was transporting his word collection, he slipped and all the words flew in the wind. To his surprise, sad words lay right next to dreamy words he thought would never fit.

He then learnt new words and wrote poems, which later he made songs. My favourite end was when Jerome decided to release all his words from the hill so he could share his happiness. Then Jerome didn’t have any words to describe how happy he was. The end.

My advice: Get people like this in your life, that make your lowest point your most memorable.

Inspired by: Mr Tony

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  1. Okay, this is a little freakish because I first heard of Neil Gaiman about a week back when I came across a video course by him on writing and couldn’t help but wonder “Who is this dude”?. Read a lot about him and planning to read his work soon and now, I come across this post talking about him. What are the odds! 😀


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