How I knew I wanted to join the social sector?

Short Answer : I didn’t

Long Answer : Read what I did after Graduation

Travel to the Mountains

Forgotten the name of this peak, but taken by me!

The mountains and I go way back. I love the painstaking effort of climbing mountains, catching your breath, hearing your heartbeat, listening to the sounds of nature, being in zero network connectivity. All of this fascinated me, for I was someone that lived in a concrete jungle in South Mumbai for three years in a Girls Hostel ( Not so glamorous once you read this).

Since I was studying in Mumbai, travelling to the Himalayas was definitely out of the question. So I climbed peaks across Maharashtra ( Mahuli, Bhimashankar, Chanderi Fort, Prabalgad, Kalsubhai). Delhi was where my parents and school friends lived and studied. So going back home was exciting. Since I was there for a period of 25 days I make it a point to travel to the Himalayas then. Knowing Himachal was just an overnight bus ride away made me all the more ecstatic.

Deep down on my trips, I always knew that I wanted it to be more than a trip. I wanted it to be my way of life. Looking back, I now realize the privilege I have to dream. With that bearing in mind, I decided to make my dreams come true without the financial assistance of my parent, to encourage more youngsters to pick up social work in a place of their choice and earn well (Not compared to the cities, but to satisfy your basic needs and travel requirements). I sincerely believe in this quote, ” if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough”. I had no idea how I’d get there, but I knew what I wanted and that’s a good start.

Making a Difference

Eco Pillow Making Session with the local women of Mundoli, Uttarakhand June 2018

This gets me to my second part of how I knew I wanted to work in the social sector. Everyone is making a difference whether they know it or not. I decided I wanted to be aware of the difference I will be making.

Since I came from fast-paced city life, my only aim was to find ways to slow it down. I wanted to experience the mundane things in mountain life such as an occasional sunset, unpredictable weather, interact with the locals, eat traditional food, look up at a clear night sky sprinkled with stars. Sure I mean I wasn’t too asking for too much!

The universe really works in mysterious ways. Because guess what I found my dream job 6 months before I graduated. I applied in January 2018, and I got through by the end of February. While my acquaintances in college struggled with finding a job and sat uncomfortably at placements interviews. I had found my escape card to the mountains, which mind you paid me well, for I was working on waste management for four months for the local communities of Uttarakhand.

Ta-Da I made it! Sat barefoot in Ali Bugyal, en route Roopkund, India’s most popular trekking destination in Uttarakhand.

So life does have funny ways of working out. All you got to do is trust the process. Work hard and with a little bit of luck, wonders happen.

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