5 Great Shows on Netflix

Here are my best 5 short binge-worthy shows I definitely recommend. All these shows have a personally captivating storyline, great soundtrack, excellent character sketch, and what plots twist, keeps you on your tender hooks throughout.


Hilarious, sad it definitely was a perfect mix of emotions. During such times, in reference to the ongoing Covid Pandemic, shows as this gave me an armchair experience of people partying in Ibiza and thoroughly enjoying life, something none of us can dare dream of now. The story revolves around a Manchester breed girl Laura, who goes to Ibiza, in search of her famous DJ brother that has gone missing

Picture Credits : https://medium.com/@Whitelines.s1e1/s1e1-white-lines-season-1-episode-1-netflix-tv-series-2020-60da7079579e


We live in this hyper-paced world, where we want everything to be unfolded at the drop of a hat, at the same time want to be surprised. I say give this show a chance, shoot at the countryside of Italy, the little town, has quite a bit in store for us. The story unfolds at a snail pace and it only keeps getting better. Not to forget the great techno- classical soundtrack.

Picture Credits :https://movieplayer.it/articoli/curon-intervista-registi-fabio-mollo-lyda-patitucci-autori_23030/


As intriguing as the title, was the concept of it. The protagonist, in plain sight, has murdered people, and there are even eyewitnesses to the whole fiasco. Yet these police detectives decide to further investigate the cases to maybe even prove their innocence.

Picture Credits : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7narsOAt4Zg


“In the 19th CE, people suffering from mental illness were thought to be alienated from their own true natures. Experts who studied them were therefore known as ‘Alienist‘.”

The show is dated to the 18th CE, where an illustrator and a criminal psychologist come together to solve some gruesome crimes in London.

Picture Credits : https://wherever-i-look.com/tv-series/the-alienist-season-1-episode-1-the-boy-on-the-bridge-series-premiere-recap-review-with-spoilers


A stranger that tells you the truth about your marriage or relationship. Nothing more needs to be said.

Picture Credits : https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2020/01/netflix-releases-trailer-for-the-stranger-starring-richard-armitage-and-hannah-john-kamen/


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