I got the ‘Writer’s Block’

As a writer and a blogkeeper for almost 5 years I knew from the very start writers tend to get this. Now if you do not have any idea what a writer’s block is no worry, I got you, according to my resourceful friend Wikipedia,

“It is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.”


Writer’s Block aka Mental Block

I like to call my writer’s block a mental block. During this block I am suddenly caught in a tidal wave of past experience which sometimes affects me adversely. This exactly happened to me after my last post, which I never published.

I was overwhelmed with anxiety so much so that it clogged my ability to produce new content. Then my old friend procrastination caught up and as a truly good friend never left my side. (Till now, fingers crossed.)

I decided to temporarily end my ‘procastination-ship’ today not because of any new year resolution but because my love for writing was stronger.

Know Your ‘WHY’

Recently I read somewhere that when we undertake any new, maybe transformative journey in life, it is useful to have a strong purpose or ‘WHY‘ attached to it.

It serves as a constant reminder as to ‘WHY’ we started a particular project. The reason I hadn’t blogged in a while was because I lost my ‘WHY’ which led me to think I had a writer’s block and procastionation.

Reinvent Your ‘WHY’

However on my journey back to finding my ‘WHY’ in writing I learnt we could reinvent our ‘WHY’s along the way once they no longer served us. That itself was a revelation to me. So with this post I have decided to end my ‘procastination-ship’ & establish my ‘WHY’ I want to blog again.

“Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shaped sentences. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, your heart, your soul.

Meg Rosoff

Having found this quote I realized that I was sidetracked by the thought that maybe I could monetize my blog. In that whole mess, I started over analyzing and critiquing myself to a point, I lost the essence to ‘WHY’ I began writing in the first place.

This quote reminds me of my ‘WHY‘ : for the pure bliss of it and for you to get a sneak peak into my mind.

If you are interested to know Why I Started This Blog? back in 2017 do check it out by clicking the highlighted version of this sentence.

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