My first night working on Waste Management

In May 2018, I had an adventure of a lifetime. Freshly graduated and I mean that quite literally. I graduated on 8 May and two days later I reported for my first real job.

There is a famous quote I read somewhere which goes, “Sometimes you live life so perfectly, that you just couldn’t and wouldn’t want to relive it again.” That famous person was me.

I decided before I began my journey on waste management and giving public speeches at the Market Associations, the Mahila Mandal, Schools Events and Trekkers on the importance of waste segregation, I needed to unlearn and understand my own ideology on waste management practices( all of it,the good, bad and the ugly).

I still remember my first grand entrance in Lohajung,a small village located in the largest district of Uttarakhand, Chamoli, that trekkers arrive before they head to Wan, the base village for their Roopkund or Brahmtal trek.

After a long cumbersome journey of twelve hours in a jeep,I finally reached my home for the next four months. As I walked confidently down the staircase with my rucksack strapped to my back, along with four ‘plastic bottles in my hand and a plastic bag holding all my sins( biscuit/ chocolate wrappers) to work on my waste management fellowship.( Really not ideal good first impression). Nevertheless, none of the people standing on the stairs above or around me looked at me any different, I felt acceptance the minute I arrived.

I greeted my other fellow mates, Leo a 23 year enthusiastic trekker that hails from Mumbai, Manu my favourite from Chandigarh and Laura my loveliest friend till date, and the closest I have ever been to someone that represents sunshine in a person in the most truest sense. She will always be my happy little sunflower. After meeting everyone, I introduced them to my jeep friends Priyanka and Gaurav corporate lawyers from Mumbai. We laughed and headed for dinner, slept early for they were headed for Roopkund for the next seven days.

To be continued…

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