Never Stop Challenging Yourself

The other day I was talking to Ruchi, my college best friend and telling her about a trip we will be taking in her birthday month of April 2021.

I began the conversation with,“I want something in our comfort zone, but something slightly outside as well.” She giggled knowing fully well where the conversation was headed, “Yes” she said, “I’m in.” I said, “I haven’t even told you the name of the place.” She’ll like, “You don’t even have too, it’s Dharmashala.” I laughed and am always so grateful talking to her, it gives my mind peace and clarity it deserves.

M U M B A I : 2 0 1 8

I further told her that trips to the mountain are always so refreshing, I love the bump jeep rides, the vibe of the place and the people, the backaches I get along the journey, the happiness I get putting on my boots every single morning.

I could tell she was smiling hard on the phone when she said, “You really love being uncomfortable,” and I laughed and said, “Absolutely it’s the most fun I have had in life.” I didn’t have a solid reason as to why I love challenging myself constantly even while sitting at my comfortable home. I thought to myself maybe I like finding new ways to stimulate the mind and body.

Today, I came across a quote by ‘Atomic Habits’ a remarkable book on building small habits daily that I recommend everyone read from the bestselling author, James Clear :

“Challenge yourself when life is easy, so you can handle it when life gets hard.”

And just like that I now know exactly why I love challenging myself so much.

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